Here we hope you can easily find details about our classes and answers to questions you may have.

Firstly, we understand that not everyone is aware of what Krav Maga actually is. Let me enlighten you.

Krav Maga (pronounced as it’s spelt, ‘krɑːv məˈɡɑ’) is an Israeli defence system meaning ‘contact combat’, and was created in the 1940’s by Imi Litchfield who established a training scheme for the Israeli Defence Forces built upon earlier methods of many other fighting styles.
I would like to mention here that the Krav Maga we teach is not a martial art but a system of pure self-defence. Taught to our head instructor, who was qualified by Sgt Maj Nir Maman of the IDF.

Classes are 16+ and we currently do not have belts or level systems. Instead, we work where everyone is equal, whether you have been with us for 8 years, weeks or minutes. This brings an inclusive nature of encouragement where we can all help each other train. We do however have a core team within the club, your go to people for extra help. This is called Leo Cor (formally known as STORM, and is Latin for Lion Heart) for more information on this team, please see the link in the bottom of the page.

Having worked with the military, the navy and also the police force, we offer disciplined and intensive classes. When the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) created Krav Maga it was a military system, pure self -defence. The moves were not created to boost an ego or to be flashy. This is a value we keep to in order to deliver the most effective and truest form of Krav Maga.

Establishments we have worked with include women’s refuge centres, safe homes of surviving trafficked victims, primary, secondary schools and colleges, as well as army and navy bases. *

Our classes are not fitness classes, although your fitness and endurance levels are a by-product of the training and if you train hard, you will see a different result in both, quickly.

I hope that with this introduction you can see we are a club who’s values are based on discipline, empowering, and helping each other reach a goal, be it to provide safety for loved ones, confidence in yourself, or even just have the knowledge and ability should you need it. We also don’t have the intimidation or bully factor that is often found in clubs of a similar nature.


* The individual establishments will remain anonymous for security reasons.