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Doing what we do and getting where we want to get is a never-ending journey with the most exciting ride of them all.
The people we meet, the stories we hear, the experiences that we encounter are all so varied, and unique.
Helping people is the mechanism for creating higher rates of safety and lower rates of attack. The aim of the game remains getting home safely, and by doing that we strive to help create an abundance of confidence in people living healthier, happier and fuller lives. Much the same as Brighter Smiles, a
local campaign run by Smile Together, visiting the school children of Cornwall and educating them about oral health.
Whilst this may seem like a curve ball to be reading about on a self defence website, the underlying message of health, confidence and living a full life is the same. No, brushing your teeth may not save your life, but it may just help you to enjoy it more! A recent study shows that oral neglect is a common sign of depression for men, a slippery slope of reality that we battle in abstract ways.

Catherine Batt, Finance Director at Smile Together CiC hands sponsorship cheque to Daniel Tswei, founder of Krav Maga Cornwall, Self Defence School.

Dan is presented a sponsorship cheque by Catherine Batt, Smile Together Finance Director.

We are so fortunate to have testimonials from people who have struggled with depression, anxiety, and other mental health occurrences but from those who have been able to overcome these to some level.
Smile Together have very kindly sponsored us for this next year and we are proud to be working alongside them, promoting the work they do.

The money received from this sponsorship will be used for marketing purposes to further reach those who may need to join this movement, enabling them to access self-defence classes, gain oral health knowledge, improve their self-care and worth – something we could all do a little more of from time to time!
If we all stand up and do the little bits that we can to make our communities better, I’d like to believe that we can really brighten smiles and create much healthier, happier communities.

Thank you to Smile Together for your #ShareDeeper action and for supporting our club!


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