Boot camps are an intensified number of hours in various environments around Cornwall training Krav Maga techniques to a specific range of moves. 
We run these camps with groups from 10 people +, aged 16+. 
There is no charge for these camps, however, we do ask for charity donations.
If you would like to attend any future camps, please feel free to contact us.


At the end of Summer, we held a charity boot camp on the scenic sands of Hayle beach, here in Cornwall. The chosen charity was Leo Cor, and all donations went directly to Nepal to help our team continue teaching self defence whilst we can’t be there.
10 people, 4 hours, multiple bruises and laughs later, all had successfully grasped the concepts of ground fighting and multiple attackers.
With students that have been continuous in their training, some who had come back just for the boot camp after a busy few years away, and some who had never tried Krav Maga before at all, it was a hugely successful time in every aspect. Bravo cadres, you did a smashing job, and should all be very proud of yourselves.


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