What is Krav Maga?

Krav Maga (pronounced ‘krɑːv məˈɡɑ’) is an Israeli defence system translating to ‘contact combat’, devised in the 1940s by Imi Litchfield who established a training scheme for the Israeli Defence Forces built upon earlier methods of many other fighting styles. Krav Maga is not a martial art, but a system of pure, highly effective and practical self defence, designed for real world situations. It combines elements from boxing, wrestling, and other martial arts to provide individuals with the skills to defend themselves from attackers. It emphasises techniques that are easy to learn and apply under high-stress conditions, making it a popular choice for law enforcement and military personnel.

Will I get fit quickly?
Fitness and general wellbeing is a byproduct of Krav Maga, rather than a focus. However, each class uses pre-exhaustive exercises to aid training and publishes a monthly fit test that can be found on our Instagram and Facebook.

Can I pay as I go?
This can be arranged, but we would advise you to look at our other payment options listen on here.

Is there a belt system?
Practitioner Levels are the grading system used by other KM schools. However, we have decided not to operate on this system. We find with grading there is often an element of ego and intimidation that can naturally seep in. We are proud to foster a fully inclusive environment and measure progress in other ways throughout the classes.

Is this safe to practice whilst pregnant?
No. Please make us aware of your pregnancy, so that we can advise and discuss the safest forms of self defence without risking your involvement in the classes.

Do I need to be fit to start?
No, you can join us at whatever level of fitness you are currently. Krav Maga is for every body.

Do I need to have all the protective gear before I start?
If you have gear, great. If not, don’t worry. See how you find the training and if you need to buy equipment, we work with Blitz Sport and can arrange your new toys to be bought with our discount.