Will I get fit quickly?
Krav Maga is not a fitness scheme, although a lot of the training will put you through your paces and you will find that your fitness does improve within a few weeks of training hard. 

Can I pay as I go?
This can be arranged, but we would advise you to look at our other payment options listen on here.

Is there a belt system?
There is a belt system that you may have heard of from other schools, but we do not operate on this system. We find with grading there is often an element of intimidation that follows and that is not what we want. Everyone is equal and learns together.

Is this safe to practice whilst pregnant?
No. Stop, turn around, go home, come back when you can get a babysitter for your current bump.

Do I need to be fit to start?
No, you can join us at whatever level of fitness you are currently. It just goes without saying that the fitter you are, the easier you will find the warm up.

Do I need to have all the protective gear before I start?
If you have gear, great. If not, don’t worry. See how you find the training and if you need to buy equipment, we work with RDX Sports and can help you with what you need.