Dan Tswei is the chief instructor at Krav Maga Cornwall. When he opened the training school in 2011, he had completed his instructor training through British Krav Maga Association’s head coach, Paul Grey. Since then he has been multiple times to train and re-qualify under the teachings of Sgt. Maj Nir Maman of the Israeli Defence Forces.
Having previously trained in boxing and Muay Thai Dan discovered Krav Maga whilst looking for a more effective form of self-defence to protect his young family with. Coupled with his understanding of NLP (Neuron Linguistic Programing) he has opened not only a school, but a community of students that have learned Krav Maga, and also found a sense of empowerment, confidence, and community. His unique teaching ability leads you to want more than the classes have time for, even when they run into the night on occasion.
As a father he feels that Krav Maga has brought to light the Krav Maga brings to light the quality of life as a value that must not be un-noticed. Which he can pass on to his children.
As a coach he feels a responsibility for his students to offer the same to their families and friends and also to teach them the ways to best ensure their chances of getting away in a dangerous situation.
As a mentor and support to those in his school, Dan has brought individual advice to students that seek council even when they feel they must keep their guards up. He is a voice that they wish and chose to hear from and for many has become a friend as well as an instructor.

Since opening the school based in Cornwall, Dan has taken his teaching world wide having worked with not only those who have easy access to learning, but also orphans, teachers and students in both primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities in England, India and Nepal. He also works with Women’s Refuge Centres, survivors of the Trafficking Trade, Close Protection Operatives, ex and current military personnel, and ex Metropolitan Police.