“Krav Maga Cornwall provide excellent tuition and training for all levels. Delivered in a traditional military manner aiding fitness, and realism that is highly addictive.” – Jon D. Army Cdo, Security and Wilderness Advisor.

“I first went to Krav Maga Cornwall nervous and unsure but after one session felt like o had been going for ages. And even when life gets busy and keeps me away I am always welcomed back. Training in an environment filled with friends and trust allows the trainers to push you past what you thought you were capable of.” – Darren Drew

“I loved my time here with the class. Only working away stopped me attending. Dan, Wayne and Matt all excellent instructors. The environment was always so friendly. Krav Maga is a great skill to know to give you confidence in all troublesome situations. Plus you get a great workout and lose a few pounds. What could be better?” – Gary Williams

“Amazing experience and lovely hard working people – love Krav Maga!”
– Pete Spencer

“Love training and learning new ways of defending myself and loved ones when needed. Even with big gaps in training due to work and child care always remembered and always welcomed. Always a highlight of my week even the fitness side great team” – Liam Cheney

“I started training with Dan about six years ago and had to give up around three years ago due to business commitments and an ongoing back problem.
A fantastic club with fantastic people! Everybody who came during my time there, even if just for one class, took away something that could one day save their life.
If you’re looking for a challenge, both physically and mentally, then give this club a go!
You never know, one day you may need it!” – Mark Barlow

“As far as I’m concerned there is simply no better form of self-defence and fighting style as Krav Maga. There are no lengthy sequences to learn like the kata in Karate, just simple, easy to remember, brutally effective techniques. I trained with the club for around a year before work commitments forced me to stop. What I loved about Krav Maga Cornwall was the full contact training style but also the welcoming nature of the club. So many martial arts clubs can have a slightly unwelcoming feel towards new members but it was great to be part of a club which treated all members with equal attention. If you are looking for a ‘martial art’ and all its associated katas and rituals, this may not be the discipline for you, but if you are looking to gain confidence and a sure knowledge that you can extricate yourself from a violent situation, I would say that Krav is hands-down the best choice.” – Phil Hatfield

“I greatly enjoy my Krav sessions, even the hurty bits. It’s character building 🙂
For self-defence, it’s the best in my view. It’s not a sport, it deals with reality and the techniques are effective regardless of build, sex or age.
Because they are uncomplicated techniques they are quickly learnt, so in the few months I have been going I have gained skills that will serve me well should I need to defend myself.” -Andy Long